The White Tag launched by Soham Creation (Mumbai, India) began with a divine inspiration!


We stand for simplicity. The thought behind TWT was “gift with love and style”.


TWT features exquisitely crafted bags by skilled artisan which are non-leather and cruelty-free as a part of our commitment to trending and friendly fashion. We also curate a range of vegan bags and accessories. 


We customize travel accessories and stationary and personal use products. Always on the cusp of big city street trends but rooted in enduring style, We are driven by a desire to create luxury vegan accessories that suit the style and needs.

TWT chai, coffee, milk masala comes from a family recipe harmonized with rich tones of spices that offer an enhanced aroma and an authentic taste.

We also care for the simple basic everyday requirements. Keep organized with a fantastic selection and select your trendy essentials.

‘Gift with love and style’